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Expanding Our Spiritual Imaginations

March 28, 2017

When God speaks or reveals Himself it’s for us to expand our spiritual imagination. During a Sabbath sermon message, the person speaking says: “When we pray we’re directly in front of God’s Throne.” Then He gave us Rev 4:1-11 – a detailed description of God’s Throne. Isaiah 6:1-5 helps to enhance our imagination. So when we pray we imagine we’re directly in front of God’s Throne receiving mercy, power and possible acceptance. What’s man that God is mindful of him? Personally, from my spiritual imagination I believe God respects any human who can overcome Satan during this age of evil. As humans we’re learning evil first which wasn’t necessarily the case with angels. Lucifer was a model of perfection until sin was found in him and his judgment determined. Humans on the other hand are experiencing hate, lying, and destruction. God has put a spirit inside of each of us and that spirit is eternity. “God has set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” (Eccl 3:11) ┬áSo when we read that God speaks or He reveals Himself – it’s for us to help us become more empowered spiritually. The descriptions of God and the spiritual realm are pretty varied and detailed – we shouldn’t let these details just go to waste which ironically every human produces – waste.


Where are we now in prophecy?

March 22, 2017

It’s common for people to ponder on what the future holds; however, most people don’t examine the details from God’s perspective. Most people will agree that we’re in the end time but are we near the beginning, middle or end. I can’t say for sure if we’re near the beginning or end but I can at least say we’re definitely in the end time. In the book of Daniel, God tells Daniel to seal up the scroll until end time – when knowledge and travel shall increase. I think we Americans can all agree that knowledge and travel has increased exponentially. Also in Daniel a vision of a statue explains where we are in terms world powers. The feet and toes represent America and England’s dominance over this modern world. Within the interpretation of the dream the feet and toes are partly iron and partly clay. Iron and clay is a bad mixture as the people in America are a bad mixture and are unable to unite. A rock smashes the statue at its feet and then grows into a mountain representing Christ’s second coming and the establishment of the Kingdom of God here on earth. In Matthew’s gospel, Christ says wars, famines and diseases and earthquakes in various places will be the beginning of our troubles, or birth pains. We’re definitely not experiencing the great tribulation which happens near the end of the end time. The fact that people in America and people in Britain can not get along well enough to unite is proof that our generation is steering our world into the direction of destruction and tribulation. The opening of the first seal starts the 4 horses of the apocalypse. The first horse is white, it’s rider held a bow, and given a crown, and he rode out to conqueror bent on conquest. This horse and rider will not stop conquering nature – the order of nature is going to change b/c of man’s need to conqueror and conquest. The earth can take a lot of abuse but over abuse it cannot take. The climate change deniers are the main people who conqueror nature. Once nature is against us then other aspects of life will be against us. I don’t think the Lamb of God has opened the seal yet but time is not going backwards.