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Eight Years Can Fly By!!!

February 6, 2017

My last post – seven to eight years ago – I talked about how God’s Plan for Humanity was the best sales pitch or marketing plan I’ve ever heard. Only God can offer humans the chance to live forever without tasting death. Only God can offer humans a chance to live forever after tasting death. God even allows us to view His Plan on how He’s going to inject Himself into humanity.

The Holy Bible is considered God’s Word in written form and Jesus our Christ and Savior is God’s Word in the flesh. The authority of the Bible and the authority of Christ completely revolves around faith and belief. It’s much easier to investigate the authority of the Bible than that of Christ. As a literary piece the Bible far out last all other works of literature put together. The Bible has 66 books, written by over 30 different people, and covering over a period of about 1,500 years. It’s called humanities owner’s manual on how to live in love in this God forsaken world – the way we treat each other determines everything to God. My late biological father’s main philosophy was: “If we treat each other people good, then good things will come back to us.” The same true if we treat people bad – bad things will come back to us.

God’s Word shows us how to love one another in this God forsaken world. His Word also shows us how to worship Him in spirit and in truth. The Bible often encourages us to fix our mind and thoughts on Christ and to try our best to appreciate the unseen more than the seen which is temporary. God has a beautiful plan and purpose for creating humans. He reveals a big portion of His plan through His Sabbath and Holy Days. His Sabbath and Holy Days are filled with double and triple meanings.

For example, God’s Sabbath is a specific 24 hour day of rest; however, it also represents the mental rest that we’ll receive after the second coming of Christ. Around the time of the second coming, Satan is taken off of Adam’s throne and a new throne is given to Christ Jesus. Once this happens the Kingdom of God or the Tree of Life will again be available for humans to partake of and seek. Because we’re currently living in the age of evil, God has hidden certain concepts and treasures in His Word.