The Races

As our Creator, God says He can not be deceived or mocked – we reap what we sow. God is not a respecter of no man, karma or consequences will never stop happening as long as  Beings have communication and free moral agency. God wants us to multiply, rule and create – this has nothing to do with physical strength and power. God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient – He cares and He loves. The tracing and migration of humanity is becoming better known day by day. Anthropologist, archeological and sociologist have done more than enough research to show where humans come from and where they’ve migrated. All races have had their opportunity to multiply, rule and create. In this time in human history race (looks), material products and money can seem to determine so-called success. Americans, Europeans and Russians have the most influence and power worldwide. Before the influence and power of the white race, the use of race to differentiate intelligence and culturist was unheard of between tribes. White humans have painted and tainted our human history so one-sided that openly acknowledging the influence of any other race of people is very seldom done. Since we are still living in the age of evil, nothing is new under the sun. Our human dispositions are still in tune to competition, selfishness and pride. Humans have had the same dispositions since Adam and Eve and the killing of Abel by Cain. Humans have never understood the value of cooperation, sharing and giving. All nations of power and influence ruled from the perspective of rich and poor, royalty and peasentry and inside versus outside information/knowledge.  Christ called it lording it over or putting burdens on people that you yourself would not carry.  Since we know that all kingdoms from the beginning including Adam’s, Noah’s, the Egyptians and Romans and now the US have governed and ruled without the assistance of God and Christ.  As already mentioned we’re living in the age of evil so our dispositions and natural flippant reactions are in tune with competition, frustration and selfishness. For example, if someone is driving a car and another car abruptly cuts them off the natural human reaction for 99% of humans is to respond with a sharp negative comment about the driver. Also, every human produces waste, goes through experiences and use their senses to comprehend their surroundings.  We humans are 97% alike but yet we fail to unite b/c we focus on our 3% differences. In early mankind’s history, language, tribe size and reputation was how most people differentiated themselves.  Race is a relatively new phenomena that’s used differentiate.  Human’s aura is a smell or a vibe whereas God’s aura is a rainbow which could possibly mean that God is very inclusive when it comes to His creation. This could be why He says He’s a respecter of no human. When we change to spirit our spiritual color could be completely different than the basic human black, brown, yellow or white. We really reduce ourselves and our humanity when we compete against each based on color. We are to fix our thoughts and minds on things that are above as well as the things that are unseen. Race is meaningless if we truly believe that we’re all spirit beings going through our own human experiences.


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