The Beginning Con’t

   As mentioned in my previous blog entry, God became frustrated with man and used a flood to purge the evil from the earth. God forewarned Noah about the flood and commanded him to build an ark/boat. God sanctified Noah at birth to make him look different than most humans during that time. The Book of Enoch says: Noah’s body was white like snow and red like the flower of a rose and his hair was white like wool. His eyes were beautiful and when he opened them the whole house became bright like the sun. Moreover, when he opened his mouth, he immediately blessed the Lord of Heaven. Lamech, Noah’s father, didn’t believe that he was his son – he thought Noah came from the Angels of Heaven. Noah was the first albino/Caucasian human born by humans. After Noah completed the ark, him and 7 other people were able to survive the flood. Around 5000 BC the ark settled on the mountains of Ararat’s and eventually they settled in the plain of Shinar – northeast Mesopotamia. Noah, first built an alter to honor God and soon after the Lord came to Noah to reestablish His Covenant with mankind: be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. Soon after the flood the events surrounding the tower of Babel showed no signs of mankind replenishing and spreading over the earth.  Therefore, God scattered the people and increased the number of different languages. The sons of Japheth were called the maritime peoples who ended up on different islands around the earth and north toward Europe, Russia and Mongolia. Shem and Ham’s descendants settled around the area called the fertile crescand. Shem and his descendants was supposed to become kings of certain territories around the fertile crescent – specifically the areas around modern day Syria, Lebanon, Israel and south toward Egypt. It’s been revealed through the Book of Jubilee that Canaan and his army was able to rent the territories of Shem away from them. Cush was the father of Nimrod who became the first great warrior ruler of Babylon. The descendants of Ham, Canaan, Cush and Nimrod controlled Northern Mesopotamia toward the areas of the Philistines, Canaanites, Egyptians and Ethiopians. The descendants of Shem settled near southern Babylon around the cities of Ur, Sumer, southern Arabia and modern day Yemen. The Sumerians are considered the first people to create cuneiform writing which was carried into the lands of Egypt and Ethiopia. It’s documented that the descendants of Japheth, the Egyptians and the Phoenicians were great ship builders and sea merchents which makes sense – their father Noah built probably the biggest ship ever. There’s very clear evidence of Egyptian artifacts in Australia and Australian artifacts in Egypt around 3500 BC. There’s Egyptian art in the Americas thousands of years before Europeans. During this time – before the establishment of ammunition which is also called the great equalizer – most big and tall people ruled their territories. With Noah looking like the angels of heaven, there’s a thought that he carried the giant genes into humanity after the flood. The Kebra Nagast (KB), the Bible and local tribe historical writers are excellent resources for understanding the establishment of different nations and kingdoms spread over the earth. God says He decides how long a nation will maintain its power and influence and within both books the records of nations and kingsdoms around the fertile crescent area are meticulously recorded and traced. Right after the flood the blessed tribes of Shem did not rule over the modern day area of Israel, Palestine and Syria. Cush, Nimrod and Canaan overpowered the tribes of Shem and they became the first rulers of the early nations after the flood. Eventually, God will call Abram/Abraham to begin the process of establishing the descendants of Shem into the area of call the promised land or modern Israel, Palestine and Syria. During this very early period in human history God uses the descendents of Shem to execute the curse on Canaan. God used Shem because he Wasn’t the more overpowering brother. God commonly uses the underdog to do spectacular works.  God says His Word will accomplish what He desires and He will accomplish the purposes for which it was sent.

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