The Beginning

   God says “I am Self-Eternal, not made with hands, and without change. My thought is my counselor, my wisdom and  my word are made, and my eyes observe all things how they stand here and tremble in terror. If I turn away my face, then all things will be destroyed.” At a moment, God was alone with just His thoughts. God’s first and greatest feat was creating a part of Himself – His Word and Wisdom – and endowing them with all His God qualities.  The writer[s] of the Kebra Nagast revealed the Trinity or the Triune: God the Thinker/Father, God the Word/Son and God the Wisdom/Holy Spirit. In all agreement and in good fellowship they all decided to create angels and man. God created His Angels out of non-beings and the visible realm and humans out of Angels. After God created man/Adam, Jesus the Word and Son said, “I will put on its flesh.” The Holy Spirit said, “I will dwell in the hearts of the prophets and the righteous.” God tested His Angels by asking them to serve Adam. Lucifer/Satan immediately compared himself to Adam and said that Adam didn’t deserve to be served especially when Lucifer is much older, much more powerful and to him much better looking. There were other angels who heard this and agreed with Lucifer and eventually became fallen angels or demons. Lucifer was a model of perfection until pride, jealousy and hate crept inside of him. His pride and hatred drove him to try to make his throne higher than God’s and to prove to God that mankind was unworthy of such an honor as worship. God threw Satan and the demons out of heaven like lightening and placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. As we just read God used man to test the angels and then He used the angels to test man. Unfortunately, man did not pass his testing and he lost access to God and eternal life.  The Kebra Nagast also says that after the disappointment of Adam and Eve failing their test they had a son name Cain who had sullen look at birth but his twin sister had a fair look. Abel, their second son, had a fair look but his twin sister had a sullen look. Adam because of Abel’s fair looks made him heir to his throne and he gave Abel the older fair looking sister and he gave Cain the younger sullen looking sister. Cain didn’t like this at all but what made things even worse is when God looked at Abel’s sacrifice as much more genuine and thoughtful than Cain’s. Again, pride, jealousy and hate raised it ugly head and pushed Cain to kill Abel. Another child name Seth was born to help ease the hurt of Abel’s death. As families and humans began to increase on earth the Cain’s ancestor line did evil and the Seth line was righteous. As the human population continued to increase there were other angels who were called Watchers of mankind and began to lust after women. Enoch says that these angels ran away from Heaven before they received all of their necessary learning and understanding.  Once the run away angels came to earth they chose whatever wives they wanted.  Through the women they had children who were considered giants, heroes of old. The giants developed evil spirits and began to attack the humans who were a part of Seth’s ancestry line.  Consequently, with the evilness of the giants and Cain’s ancestry line, the spread or increased evil caused God to grieve over His decision to create mankind. Because God hates evil, He completely flooded the earth and saved only 8 humans – Noah, his 3 sons,  his wife and the wives of his 3 sons.

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