How Do We Know When Christ Was Born?

   The birth of John the Baptist gives us a possible idea of when Jesus was born.  John’s father, Zechariah, was chosen by lot to perform the lighting of the incense inside the temple of God.  This was normally done around the time of either Passover, Pentecost or the Day of Atonement. According to Luke in the 6 month of that year (August/September) the angel Gabriel reveals to Mary that she will be impregnated or overshadowed by the Most High and she will have His Son – Jesus the Christ. Gabriel also said her cousin Elizabeth, John’s mother, is in her 6th month of pregnancy. So in the 6th month of the year – Elizabeth is 6 months pregnant. If Elizabeth is 6 months pregnant in the 6 month of the year then Zachariah had to receive his visit from Gabriel during the Passover which happens during the 1st month of the year.   The Bible also says that soon after Mary received the news from Gabriel she went right to Elizabeth’s house to help her with her pregnancy – Elizabeth was beyond pregnancy age and her husband Zachariah was completely mute – Gabriel sensed unbelief in Zachariah after he heard about Elizabeth giving birth.  Mary stayed with Elizabeth for 3 more months (November/December) and return home. After Mary returned home in November/December we can assume the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary and initiated her pregnancy. A side bar: to me it’s ironic that God would impregnate Mary during the winter months which is normally called baby making time. Nine months after this probable conception Jesus our Savior is born. (August/September/October)  It’s obvious that the Bible talks more about the death of Jesus than His birth. If God orchestrated Jesus’ birth the way He normally does then Christ was probably born during the seventh month – around the time of the Feast of Tabernacles. The number 6 is man’s number of creation while 7 is God’s spiritual number of completion. Christ was spiritually complete b/c He was filled with the Holy Spirit at birth but yet He was a flesh and blood human. There’s more indication that Christ was born during the time of the fall Feast b/c the “hotel”/inns were overbooked and the night air was still comfortable.  I just don’t see Joseph and Mary going to Bethlehem during the dead of winter to register for the census. Also, I don’t see God putting the burden of having His son circumcised in Jerusalem on the 8th day which would be January 1st – the coldest time of the year. Moreover, during the dead of winter the inns would unlikely be overbooked and I surely don’t see Joseph, Mary and God’s baby staying in a cold manger for 8 straight days. The Bible doesn’t offer many details regarding the birth of God’s Son but Jesus being born during the winter solstice as sanctioned by Sunday churches is an obvious way to placate the solstice/sun worshipping pagans of the early holy roman empire.




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